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Jiang Shusheng, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People‘s Congress of China, met in Beijing Monday with a delegation led by Chimunthu Banda, speaker of the National Assembly of (detail......)
·Stem cell defect linked with male-pattern baldness: study (2011/1/7)
·Poison found to be common killer in Australia: report (2011/1/7)
·China to tighten supervision on ephedrine-contained compound (2011/1/7)
·Australian researcher claims IVF breakthrough (2011/1/7)
·Exercise may lower risk of death for men with prostate cance (2011/1/7)
·UN chief announces panel to determine causes of cholera in H (2011/1/7)
·Salmonella outbreak sickens tens of dozens in U.S.: report (2010/12/30)
·Two more FMD outbreaks reported in South Korea (2010/12/30)
·Kiwis can not claim for faulty hip joint
·19 injured in knife attack at primary school
·China mourning quake victims
·Santiago in debris
·Finnish new treatment reduces breast cancer deaths by one third
·love accompanied by homeless
·Tianjin Emergency Center to hold three of six workers congress
·The Brief Introduction of First Aid Center of Jilin City
The Emergency Medical Center (First Aid Station) Branch for Chinese Hospital Association(EMCBCHA) is an exclusive national professional organization for Chinese emergency practitioners/
administrators. It is a non-profit, grass-root based organization formed by emergency centers around China on a voluntary basis. As a national class II society, Emergency Medical Center (First Aid Station) Branch is affiliated to Chinese Hospital Association, and it is under the direct leadership of Ministry of Civil Administration, Ministry of Health, in addition to Chinese Hospital Association. It was officially founded in Qingdao in April 2002 with its organizational secretarial      ......(detail)
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